Is Private Credit The New Megatrend In Australia?

September 02, 2021

Paul Miron – Managing Director:

In this modern-day world, we are living through a hightech, ever-increasing fast-paced, and ever-changing world. Investors are undoubtedly faced with much more pressure, decisions, choices, and information than ever before.

Many years ago, investor semi-gods, such as Warren Buffet, at the start of their careers, sent out handwritten letters to listed companies requesting financials and prospectuses, which took weeks to receive. They would proceed to seek investment opportunities and invest at remarkably low share prices (Price-earnings ratios of 2 as opposed to 14- 30 today) where a little bit of discipline, hard work, and dedication would enable them to amass fortunes over time.

In today’s efficient markets, where we all have equal access to an abundance of information at our fingertips, new information is instantly distributed and analysed virtually instantaneously by all market participants, thus making it near impossible to gain an advantage over the market.

What techniques are investors turning to today to gain meaningful peeks into the future with the hope of investing more confidently and enjoying the thrills of making superior returns?