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Msquared Capital


We believe that our investors should have the same privilege and access to information that we had when we were only lending our own personal money. This is the fundamental reason why we started Msquared Capital – so that we could do this on a larger scale and offer to other investors what they would not normally have if doing it by themselves.


Msquared Contributory Mortgage Income Fund (Fund)

What is a contributory mortgage fund?

A contributory mortgage fund allows the investor to invest into a single specific mortgage opportunity rather than a collective of mortgages commonly named a pooled fund. Allowing investors to select which mortgage investments they prefer based on return, gearing, and security property types (residential, commercial, or industrial property). It enables the investor to be in the driving seat when constructing their portfolios of mortgages based on their risk profile, preferences, and requirements.


Within a contributory mortgage structure you are able to choose the risk and return profile that suits your needs. 


Since its inception, investors in the Fund have received all interest payments, and MSQ has not incurred any capital losses. We consider that the returns we have delivered since the Fund’s inception demonstrate our competitiveness in the marketplace. Targeted returns on a first mortgage basis are 6.75% p.a. net to the investors. With the combined experience of the directors and leadership team of over 100 years in banking, finance, property, and funds management, Msquared capital is placed well to identify the right opportunities on behalf of our investors.


All investments in Msquared Capitals’ contributory mortgage fund are secured by first registered mortgages over real estate assets on the eastern seaboard of Australia. We do not do unsecured loans. Security properties are typically established dwellings with cash flow. These include residential, commercial, and industrial security types. 


Msquared Capital provides investors with a due diligence pack on each investment. The pack includes a summary of our credit assessment, valuation reports, and borrower background analysis. It is our mantra that we provide our investors all the information they require to invest confidently. It is a great privilege to lend other people’s money, and we believe that investors should be empowered with as much information as us as the managers. It is all about transparency.


Regular income

Investment terms with Msquared capital typically range from 6-36 months, with investor distributions typically paid monthly. Providing investors with regular fixed income that they can rely on.